Tui Cruises first time in Porto Corsini – 19 may 2018

It had never happened until now that one of the beautiful ships of TUI Cruises, with their unmistakable blue livery and Mein Schiff inscription on the side, called at the Ravenna cruise terminal.

Tui Cruises is a company based in Hamburg, which started its activities in 2008 mainly targeting a premium German-speaking clientele, the main language used on board.

The Mein Schiff 2, with its approximately 1,800 passengers and 800 crew members, will arrive from Zadar and will continue to Trieste, where the two-week itinerary will end, started in Malta on May 6 and carried out between the Greek islands and the two shores of the Adriatic.

The arrival of Mein Schiff 2, which will return five more times during 2018 to Porto Corsini, is the arrival point of a patient promotion activity carried out by Ravenna Terminal Passengeri towards the prestigious shipping company, culminating with the organization in July of the last year of a “Fam Trip”, attended by some of its top executives.

The organization of the Fam Trips, which Ravenna Terminal Passengers periodically reproposes also thanks to the collaboration with the Port Network Authority of the Central-Northern Adriatic Sea, the Bodies, Institutions and Trade Associations, aims to offer to key figures of the various cruise companies (itinerary, deployment & shorexcursion managers) the opportunity to visit the city and its territory and to appreciate its extraordinary beauty, together with the exciting experience of local food and wine.

For the inaugural call on May 19, the Master of the Mein Schiff 2 invited the Authorities, Institutions and representatives of the port community to participate in the traditional crest exchange ceremony on board the ship.