About Us

Our History

Ravenna Civitas Cruise Port is the company that manages the general services of the logistics platform for cruise ships in the Ravenna port since 2021, under a concession of x years from the Port Authority of Ravenna. RCCP will construct the building that will serve as cruise terminal, revising the front area and contributing to a general renewal of Porto Corsini. The new cruise terminal will be completed in 2024. The Company is in a start up phase and presently counts 4 full time staff members.

Ravenna Civitas Cruise Port mission is to increase passenger traffic to make the city a privileged reference point for cruise lines. For this purpose, the company promotes a steady dialogue with the local community abd carries out a constant activity of promotion of the port, of the city and of all the region, with direct actions towards the Cruise Lines and through the participation in the most important international cruise fairs.

Thanks to the promotional activity implemented by Ravenna Civitas Cruise Port as well as to the company policy constantly prioritizing the quality of services, more and more Cruise Lines included Ravenna among their destinations.