Brisighella Village

Beautiful village dating back to the end of the thirteenth century, with fascinating history and rich architecture. On the hills above Brisighella, along the ridge of the Apennines, there are […]

FICO Eataly World

To learn the Italian culinary culture, immerse yourself in its heritage of traditions and crafts that make Italian food unique in the world, you cannot miss a visit to the […]

La Piallassa della Baiona

La Pialassa (or Piallassa) della Baiona is a protected natural area located in the Ravenna municipality, about 10 km north of the city. The lagoon is formed by a network […]

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

The Mausoleum was erected in the mid-fifth century by emperor Honorius -who had transferred the Capital of the Western Empire from Milan to Ravenna – for his sister Galla Placidia. […]

Neonian or Orthodox Baptistery

It is one of the most ancient monuments of Ravenna, probably dating back to the beginning of the V century and later restored under the bishop Neone (450-475). Among the […]

Giardini Pensili

The Rasponi Crypt and and the Giardini Pensili (‘Roof gardens’) of the Provincia Palace are next Dante’s tomb. The oldest part of the architectural complex is the crypt, with a […]

Basilic of San Vitale

The octagonal church was built between 535 and 547 and it shows the influence of oriental art. The most famous mosaics celebrate the Emperors Justinian and Theodora with court men […]

Basilic of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo

This is the most prestigious arian church, erected by the ostrogoth king Theoderic next to his palace. It is called ‘Nuovo’ (New) to distinguish it from Sant’Apollinare in Classe, where […]

Mausoleum of Theodoric

The monument was built in 520 by Theoderic using Istrian stone, which makes it different from Ravenna brick buildings and more similar to Roman massive mausoleums. It was inscribed with […]

Brancaleone Fortress

It was built by Venetians in the mid-fifteenth century to strengthen the city’s defenses, it consists of a fortress, with imposing circular towers, and the citadel. It houses a beautiful […]