Classe & Cervia – by car


If you have a car, you can enrich your visit to Ravenna through itineraries that go beyond the wonderful natural areas that surround it.

On this tour between the cities of Cervia and Classe you can discover the local historical-architectural beauties, the renowned Classe pinewood and the salt pans of Cervia, famous for the production of the only type of sweet sea salt in the world.

1) Basilica di Sant'Apollinare in Classe

The Basilica of Sant' Apollinare in Classe is an important monument of Byzantine art located in Classe, near Ravenna, one of the city's eight sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. About it, UNESCO wrote "an outstanding example of the early Christian basilica in its purity and simplicity of its design and use of space and in the sumptuous nature of its decoration".

2) Classe Pinewood

Classe pinewood is located in the area between the towns of Classe and Cervia, and is characterized by a typically Mediterranean vegetation. A point of great interest in the pinewood is the complex of Ortazzo, Ortazzino and the mouth of Bevano stream, which is one of the wildest and most naturalistic areas of the province and of the entire Adriatic coast.

3) Cervia Salt Flats

The Saline di Cervia (Cervia salt flats) is the northernmost of Italy, covering over 827 hectares in a natural park that today is the south gate of the Po Delta Park and has always been a natural reserve for settling and nesting of many animal and plant species.

4) Cervia Town Center

The vast heritage of green areas and a tourism development in harmony with the environment have ensured the city the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) label and since 1998 the Blue Flag. Embraced by hectares of pine and salt flats, it is a real natural oasis rich in bird life. With its 9 km of beach and over 185 bathing establishments, Cervia offers numerous leisure activities and lots of sport for all ages. Romagna hospitality and gastronomy find expression in the many receptive structures, restaurants, bars and discotheques that welcome thousands of tourists every year.